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Automating Cost-to-Cost Commercial Trucking
We are not free to give some of our ideas and secrets away, but we will give a hint. We see a great potential of using automation to make shipping faster and more profitable solutions. Let us look at history and see how human in dry weather countries were spending money, efforts and time digging for water. It seemed that they never looked for water except underground water and 500 meters away there was and still is a sea or an ocean of salted water. Only recently they are extracting fresh water out of the salted one. Sometimes, an obvious answer is insight, but we cannot see it.

We are looking at the big picture Cost-to-Cost and automation. We had figured out an number of solutions which would cut the cost, time and fuel-pollution for major carrier specially postal and shipping ones.

Our Cost-to-Cost approach needs federal, states and major-postal carriers support. We are transforming the existing infrastructure of routes into networks of trucking routes. The networks would be supported by major hubs and federal, states cooperative supports. Also major truck manufacturing companies would play a big part by building the tractors, trailers and coupling equipments to handle our architected solutions.

We would be more than happy to discuss our architected solutions with federal, states and major-postal carriers.

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