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Executive Summary
With over 22 years of Information Technology (IT) technical and management lead, we can state with certainty that commercial trucking business, package delivery and supply companies and tractor-trailer manufacturers are heading toward the same end as IT vendors and consulting companies. IT vendors and consulting companies main focus is their gross income from servicing their clients. It is a fact that they do not put any resource to advance the IT as a technology. Sadly machine learning is running in parallel and eventually would replace these IT vendors, consulting companies and their manpower. With same talking, we see that commercial trucking and manufactures are heading to the same route and it is just a matter of time before it would be too late to change the end. Truck driving as a profession would be the biggest casualty.

We are proposing an intelligent, futuristic and cloud approach which would use automation and intelligent system to advance the business and create a new futuristic commercial trucking components. These components would including all the major players as well as training drivers. The key ingredient is speeding and automating the overall commercial trucking processes. Our approach would eliminate all the repetitive tasks and the focus would be performance.

What we mentioned so far is an abstract and the actual reality can be illustrated by the following example. We need to mention the fact that shopping would eventually move to the mobile-internet and delivering goods would boost substantially. All the package and mail ground delivery carriers can cut their cost in term of dollars and time by more than 60%. They would be using our intelligent, automated, cloud, distributed system sharing Data and National Trucking Hubs. We would use automation for transport between National Trucking Hubs and local drivers for deliveries. In short "Over the Road Trucking" would be replaced by automation and truck drivers will keep their jobs doing local deliveries. Our intelligent system would help carriers handle the load increase, speed deliveries and cut the operating cost. Automation would be working for the trucking business not replacing it.

Building our intelligent automated system does not require big capital, but needs total cooperation of all big players in the commercial trucking business including federal and states governments. In term of time, with proper resources, management and planning, it can be a reality in less than one year.

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