Intel Commercial Trucking Projects (ICTP)
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Intelligent Commercial Trucking Projects (ICTP) is a set of projects for the Commercial Trucking Businesses which cover the following projects:

       1. Truckers Users Interface (TUI)
       2. Trip Planner
       3. On The Road Personal Butler
       4. Intel CDL Training
       5. Truckers Cloud
       6. Cloud Commercial Trucking Suite
       7. Truck Driving Automation
       8. Automating Cost-to-Cost Commercial Trucking

We are presenting a 2,000 foot view of these projects and the questions here would be:

       Are these projects doable
       What are the return on the investment
       What are the future for these projects
       How these projects address automation and the fear of jobs loss

Intelligent Commercial Trucking Projects (ICTP) site:

       http:// /

The website goals are to present each projects and address the goals and Pro and Cons. We will present documents such as Proof of Concept (PoC), Short Business Plans, and Frequently Asked Question and Answers (FAQ).

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