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Intel CDL Training
The turnover rate and job-hopping are major issues for both trucking companies and drivers. Drivers shortage makes it more costly for companies plus put more strain and confusion to the new comers to commercial driving career. Companies spend a great deal of resources and time to train their new employee with over 50% drop rate. According to some study, the average cost of turnover for these carriers was $7,923; with a range from $2,243 to $20,729 per driver. This can be estimated for a big carrier spending about $10 million annually to train its new employees, to be over $5 million which is literally a total waist every year.

Our Intel CDL Training Program is designed to address the following issue:

1. CDL training by CDL schools
2. Company Training and allocated resources
3. On the job training and delivering products
4. Eliminating company's 50% drop rate and the cost associated with it
5. Hiring Driver with the skills according to company job-delivery specs, routes and processes
6. Eliminating companies trainees' pay such medical, social security, etc.
7. Help new trainees get real world experience with a target carrier and decide if trucking career and the target carrier is what they would pursue

Our Intel CDL training would designed in 3-4 weeks target companies training specs with prepaid tuitions by the new students. We would create a pilot training project detailing on the job training tasks. The training would include truck driving, product delivering, routes, payroll, trip planning, payment, software use, issues, ..etc. For example, our Intel CDL Training program would function as an owner operator trucking company with the following goals:

1. Delivering products for a major carrier using latest and greatest trucks
2. Using the target carrier training specs and routes for their employees
3. Training new drivers on the job with product delivering
4. New trainees can choose from 8 hours or less training schedule for local and nearby states, over the road or other training options
5. Testing the new drivers for job employment

Graduates would have both real world experience and experienced their future employers work environment. After graduation, both the target carrier and our new drivers are free to work their employment options. The fact the new driver pay for their school as well as get to see-first hand their future employers working environment. These would eliminate or reduce the dropout rate. Employers would choose from the graduates. Carriers are not committed to hire graduates and their dropout overhead would be eliminated or reduced with options to choose graduates who would fit their hiring requirements.

A number of major carriers can join and standardize their training specs, work environment and software use.

Our Intel CDL training would be covered under the target carrier insurance, fuel, etc.

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