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On The Road Personal Butler
There are new technologies which help trucks and drivers' performance and safety. We are proposing an intelligence system which we call Road Personal Butler. This is a voice activated companion software tablet, an App or any customized electronic device.

Drivers and companies would be partnering to help drivers plan their personalized trip including setting up music, entertainments, etc. The Personal Butler would be similar what is presented in star ware movies. Such Butler would also track drivers voice and body signals for fatigue and performance and recommend safety steps and processes.

The Butler would be an entertaining companion on trips and provides traffic, delays, weather information, ..etc. The Butler would check with target destinations companies, dispatchers or home office for issues or delays.

A quick example of the Personal Butler is that the Butler can engage with driver during driving in things that entertain the drivers such create a Rap song (in any language) or questions and answers session, ..etc. Such entertainment would help drivers drive more safely and efficiently and not a distraction.

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