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Trip Planner (T-Planner):
Trip Planner is a set of software system which can be owned by commercial trucking companies as well as own operators to help drivers plan their trips according to employers specs-processes-routes, weather conditions, traffic or clients specs-processes-routes.

T-Planner would help truck drivers customizes and personalized drivers' trips including diving schedules-limits, pit stops, choice of fuel stations, rest, ..etc.

T-Planner is an intelligent software which would use both the users' driving habit, schedule and other drivers using the same routes-spec-clients processes to help drivers customize their trips for maximum efficiencies and productivities.
T-Planner would help driver from getting lost or need an immediate consultation with dispatchers or other experienced drivers.

T-Planner is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which is data driven.
T-Planner is an intelligent CRM system which would use T-Planner data to optimize as well as track T-Planner performance and issues.

The following bolt points are the "Trip Planner Check List":

       1. Dispatcher and fleet manager contact information and protocols
       2. Customer contact information including websites
       3. Load, load type information and delivery time
       4. Load restrictions (routes and parking)
       5. Proper Documents
       6. Proper labeling
       7. Total load, load limits and load distribution
       8. Licenses and permits for truck and loads
       9. Operating authorizations
       10. Hazardous cargo - security, special routes, placards
       11. Hours of Service (14 hrs, 11hrs, 8 hrs, and 30 minutes breaks)
       12. Routes
       13. Routes restrictions
       14. Reroutes
       15. Total miles
       16. Bridges and clearance
       17. Mountain delays
       18. Rush hours delays
       19. Border crossing - delays
       20. Construction zones - delays
       21. Estimated fuel needed
       22. Delays
       23. Parking
       24. Weight stations
       25. Estimated total pay for the load
       26. Estimated expenses
       27. Rest Areas
       28. Fuel stops - pricing, showers, food, restaurants, supplies
       29. Fuel stations accepted by your employers
       30. Repair - service stops and location
       31. Your employers service locations
       32. Phone list - of all concerned parties
       33. Police Stations and contact information
       34. States contact information
       35. Weather Information
       36. Weather delays
       37. Winterizing your tractor and trailer
       38. Hotel List - prices
       39. Cash and credit cards needed
       40. Repair Kit
       41. Help when "Getting Lost"
       42. Fatigue management
       43. Navigation tools - manuals
       44. List and set up of what to do while driving - audio only (music, radio shows, stories, news, comedy ..)

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