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Truckers Cloud
To simplify the meaning of a cloud system in common terms:

       A cloud is an internet service which run as a personal internet service.

Cloud users can access their cloud account with or without using a computer. They simply can use their mobiles or tablets to access their internet (cloud) services. Cloud users have control over their internet services (including storage = disk space = hard drive) same way they have over their own personal computer. Therefore, you do not need a computer if you own cloud services. Cloud providers sell such services with limitations and privileges.

For truck drivers and companies include own-operators to use any of our proposed services or tools, they would need cloud support. For example, an owner-operator and his/her team of drivers would be able use the following services without owning or using any computer. Simply, they would be using their mobiles or tablets:

       1. Truckers Users Interface (TUI)
       2. Trip Planner
       3. On The Road Personal Butler
       4. Intel CDL Training
       5. Tax Services
       6. Emails (own emails not Gmail or Yahoo)

They would need to use a secure cloud system which we provide as our Truckers Cloud.

Our Trucker Cloud would be able to provide cloud services for:

       1. Truck Drivers
       2. Owner operators
       3. Companies of any size

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