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Truckers Users Interface (TUI)
This is a personal mobile and web interfaces software package which communicates with other commercial software (employers, states, and ...) as a personal notebook for tracking all work-trucking related matters.

TUI works as a personal planner for truck drivers and help them figure out work schedule and their pay. TUI would also track expenses for taxes and business related expenses. TUI data and tracking would be stored on personal account (secure access) in a cloud system which would be accessed via the internet or mobile app.

TUI can be presented to Department of Transportation (DOT) offices as a proof of compliance to the federal and states laws. DOT officers can have access to TUI driving records. Also DOT officers would be able to access the divers data on TUI cloud system and drivers company-clients cloud sites.

We also like to add that by allowing DOT officers accessing truck drivers records, such access by the DOT officers can also track the offices performance and any wrong doing. The access works both ways by helping drivers as well as protect drivers for DOT officers' abuse of authorities.

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